Real Family Rtveli Experience

Experience The Tradition And Taste Of Georgian Winemaking
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September — October
13 hours
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  • Grape harvesting with a local family
  • Traditional qvevri winemaking tutorial
  • Georgian cooking session before the supra
  • Savor a family-hosted supra with local wines
  • Scenic vineyard settings in Kakheti

Embark on a quintessential Georgia travel adventure with our Real Family Rtveli tour to Georgia. This unique day tour unfolds amidst the vine-strewn landscapes of Kakheti, blending ancient winemaking traditions with the intimacy of a family-led harvest. Revel in the authenticity of hand-picking grapes, the ancient art of qvevri winemaking, and the conviviality of a traditional Georgian supra. This private tour offers more than a taste of wine — it’s a hands-on cultural experience that connects you with the roots of Georgian hospitality.



Your trip begins with an early departure from Tbilisi, heading to the lush Kakheti region, the heart of Georgia travel. Upon arrival at a carefully selected family winery, you'll participate in the grape harvest, diving deep into the private tour experience. Learn about the unique grape varieties that thrive in this fertile land.

Post-harvest, engage in the ancient technique of qvevri winemaking. These large, earthenware vessels are buried underground where the wine ferments and matures, developing its distinctive character. This immersive experience allows you to assist in the process, from grape stomping to sealing the qvevri.

As the day evolves, prepare for the supra — a feast that is as much about community as it is about cuisine. Under the guidance of your hosts, help cook traditional dishes that you'll later enjoy, such as khinkali and mtsvadi (Georgian barbecue). The meal is accompanied by stories, toasts, and songs, making for a truly enriching Georgian experience.

The day concludes with a return to Tbilisi, hearts and bellies full, carrying memories of a day spent in the warm embrace of Georgian hospitality. This travel experience offers a participatory and intimate look into the cultural heritage of Georgian winemaking.



Our tour program's list of attractions is a guide, not exhaustive. Unlisted sites may be visited, and listed ones might be viewed from a distance. Conditions like operating hours, weather, or local rules may affect access. Thank you for your understanding.


  This experience has open departure and can be organized based on your preferred dates. Remember, prices vary based on the exact group size.

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