Soko Ketse

Mushrooms And Cheese Magic In A Classic Georgian Clay Pot

Soko Ketse, a traditional Georgian dish, offers a simple yet delectable experience. This specialty, translating to mushrooms in a clay pot, combines baked mushrooms, typically stuffed with butter and Georgian sulguni cheese, creating a gooey, stretchy delight. Perfect for food enthusiasts and travelers, this dish represents the heart of Georgian culinary simplicity and flavor.

The Essence Of Soko Ketse

At its core, Soko Ketse embodies the simplicity and approachability of Georgian cuisine. The dish is essentially mushrooms, often large button mushrooms, baked to perfection. These mushrooms are either left plain or enhanced with a filling of unsalted butter and sulguni or mozzarella cheese, seasoned with black pepper, and sometimes garlic. The unique use of a ketsi, a traditional Georgian clay dish, adds an authentic touch, although any claypot can substitute for home cooking.

Ingredients And Substitutes

Preparing Soko Ketse requires basic ingredients, with optional Georgian spices for an authentic touch. The primary ingredients include large button mushrooms, unsalted butter, and mild, melting cheeses like sulguni or mozzarella. For seasoning, salt, pepper, and optionally, Georgian spices such as adjika and blue fenugreek can be used. Adjika, a mix of pepper, garlic, and other spices, and blue fenugreek, rare outside the Caucasus and Switzerland, enhance the dish's flavor profile. Substitutes like paprika, chili powder, and regular fenugreek can be used for these unique spices.

Cooking Tips And Serving Suggestions

Cooking Soko Ketse involves simple yet specific steps to ensure the best flavor and texture. The mushrooms need to be gently scrubbed and hollowed out for the filling. Cold butter cubes and seasoned mushrooms are baked, followed by adding cheese for a second round of baking until the cheese melts beautifully. Soko Ketse, served hot, makes an excellent side dish, complementing meals like meat khinkali. The dish's versatility allows for experimentation with various seasonings, making it a favorite in any kitchen.


Soko Ketse, translating to stuffed mushrooms in a clay pot, is a testament to the rich, simplistic essence of Georgian cuisine. This dish, easy to make and bursting with flavor, invites travelers and food lovers to explore the culinary landscapes of Georgia from their kitchens. With its gooey, stretchy cheese and aromatic spices, Soko Ketse is a delightful journey into the heart of Georgian cooking.

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