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Georgia has many stunning places to visit. From bustling and modern cities to remote authentic villages located high in Caucases mountains. Whether you're looking for a cultural exploration or a nature escape — or a bit of both — there's sure to be a destination that's right for you!

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Whether you are looking for a private and bespoke journey or a small group tour, our adventure trips to Georgia cover a variety of routes that take you beyond the beaten track. As a destination specialist travel company, we focus on producing travel services in Georgia that combine flowless logistics, optimum attractions and awesome guides who go the extra mile to make your next trip to Georgia an unforgettable one.

Cradle Of Wine - Enology
Cradle Of Wine
7 days
August — October
EUR € 1,085
Svaneti Trekking - Trekking
Svaneti Trekking
9 days
July — September
EUR € 895
Mount Kazbek Climb - Climbing
Mount Kazbek Climb
8 days
July — August
EUR € 1,100
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