Explore The Beauty Of Adjara: Sun, Sea, And Mythical Legacy
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Discover the hidden gem of the Caucasus region, Adjara — the birthplace of Colchis, the ancient kingdom that captured the imagination of the world with its tales of the Golden Fleece and the Argonauts. With its capital city, Batumi, as its shining star, Adjara boasts not just breathtaking natural beauty, but also the warm hospitality of its people, rich cultural traditions, and a wealth of history. Explore the land where mythology meets reality, where the legendary Colchis Empire flourished, and where Jason and the Argonauts embarked on their quest for the Golden Fleece. And let's not forget its one-of-a-kind botanical garden, where plants from vastly different climates and landscapes thrive side by side. Experience the best of the Black Sea coast, where sun, sea, and unforgettable memories await.

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