Marjanishvili Theater

Tracing its roots back to ancient Georgian theatrical traditions, the Marjanishvili Theatre has been a beacon of dramatic art since 1928. Founded in Kutaisi by the visionary director Kote Marjanishvili, the theatre soon became Georgia's Second State Drama Theatre, renowned for its blend of antique, classical, and modern drama.

After its relocation to Tbilisi in 1930, the theatre became the epicentre of intellectual life, attracting celebrated writers, artists, and composers of the era. Following Marjanishvili's death in 1933, the theatre was named in his honor, solidifying his legacy.

Legendary actors like Veriko Anjaparidze, Ushangi Chkheidze, Tamar Chavchavadze, and Shalva Gambashidze graced the Marjanishvili stage, adding to its artistic richness. To date, the theatre has staged around 400 performances, illuminating different social and artistic phases of Georgian history.

In 2006, Levan Tsuladze became the theatre's artistic director, introducing a new era of dynamism and innovation. Today, Marjanishvili Theatre continues to inspire and enrich the cultural landscape of Georgia and beyond, carrying forward its long-standing tradition of dramatized history.

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