Giorgi Leonidze Garden

Nestled in the lower region of what was previously known as Alexander's Garden, lies Tbilisi's premier public relaxation park, the Giorgi Leonidze Garden. Rooted in history, this sprawling garden stretches across 36,000 square meters, or about 9 acres, and is neatly tucked between the bustling streets of Rustaveli Avenue, Atoneli, Jorjadze, and Chanturia.

Established in 1859 and completed in 1865, this garden owes its design to the Swedish architect Otto Simonson. Alexander's Garden, as it was originally called, was named in honor of Russian Tsar Alexander I. Marking his visit to Tbilisi, the Tsar planted a sapling in the garden, initiating a legacy of lush greenery that continues to flourish. Over time, a tram line cleaved the garden into two sections, leading to the creation of what is now known as the 9th of April Garden and the Giorgi Leonidze Garden.

The Giorgi Leonidze Garden offers its visitors a rich blend of historical landmarks and natural beauty. The centerpiece of the garden is a splendid fountain designed by Simonson, which has drawn visitors for decades. A stone's throw away, the National Gallery, originally the Church of Glory military/historical museum, enriches the cultural aura of the garden. The nearby Kashveti St. George Church adds another layer of historical depth to this serene spot. Amidst these landmarks, centuries-old trees offer tranquil shade for rest and rejuvenation.

The lower part of Alexander's Garden saw significant reconstruction in the 1980s and was eventually renamed in 2000. Now known as Giorgi Leonidze Garden, it carries the name of the renowned Georgian writer, poet, and academic Giorgi Leonidze, with a monument in his honor adding to the cultural wealth of the garden.

The garden's surroundings are teeming with attractions as well. Visitors can find cozy cafes, boutique hotels, and the Atoneli Theater, all offering a chance to immerse in Tbilisi's vibrant culture. Whether you seek quiet relaxation, a taste of delicious local cuisine, or the beauty of Georgian art and architecture, the Giorgi Leonidze Garden awaits as a green sanctuary amidst the urban charm of Tbilisi.

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