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Discover Engaging And Educational Family Experiences At Georgia's Interactive Museums
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In Georgia, there are several museums with interactive exhibits that are perfect for family educational experiences. These museums offer a variety of engaging and interactive learning opportunities that cater to the interests and curiosities of both children and adults.

Experimentorium Museum Of Entertaining Science:

This museum in Tbilisi is particularly family-friendly, focusing on interactive science exhibits. It offers hands-on experiences in physics and chemistry, making it an ideal spot for children to learn and have fun simultaneously.

Museum Of Illusions In Tbilisi:

This museum is a fantastic destination for families, providing interactive puzzles and themed exhibits across three floors. Each floor offers a unique experience with Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, making learning fun and engaging for all ages.

Open Air Museum Of Ethnography:

While not exclusively interactive in the conventional sense, this museum provides an immersive experience into Georgian history. It consists of a large Georgian village with over 100 exhibits, where each house and farmstead represents different historical periods of Georgia, offering a tangible and visual learning experience for families.

Puppet Museum In Tbilisi:

This unique museum has a collection of over 3000 dolls, including some rare and historically significant pieces. While it might not be interactive in the traditional sense, the visual appeal and variety of puppets from different cultures can be an engaging educational experience for children.

State Silk Museum:

This museum provides an in-depth look into silk production and sericulture. The interactive aspect might be limited, but the museum's extensive display of silk cocoons, butterflies, and fabrics can be educational and fascinating for families interested in natural sciences and history.

Tbilisi Automuseum:

For families interested in automobiles, this museum showcases a collection of historic cars. It offers a visual and educational journey through the history of automotive development.

Georgia National Museum:

Although not exclusively interactive, this museum is the main historical museum of Georgia and provides an educational experience covering various epochs of Georgian history. It's a great place to learn about the country's past and see historical artifacts firsthand.


This museum offers a unique, multi-dimensional projection world. It's an immersive experience where families can explore animated drawings by various artists, making it an exciting educational experience, especially for those interested in art and technology.

Each of these museums provides unique educational experiences that can be enjoyed by families. They offer a mix of learning and fun, making them ideal destinations for family outings in Georgia.

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