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Exploring The 15th Year Of Georgia's Premier Animation Film Festival
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The International Animation Film Festival TOFUZI, held annually in Batumi, Georgia, is a celebration of animated films that brings together a blend of Georgian and international talents. This festival, now in its 15th year, is scheduled to take place from November 13 to 18, 2023. TOFUZI stands as a pivotal event for the animation industry, encouraging the exchange of creative experiences, ideas, styles, and technologies between artists from Georgia and around the world.

Significance And Global Integration

TOFUZI plays a significant role in the integration of Georgian animation into the global cinema process. This festival is not just about film screenings; it includes seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and discussions, making it a comprehensive event for learning and cultural exchange. It's a platform that fosters the growth of animation as an art form and contributes to the global dialogue in the industry.

Submission Process And Categories

The festival is currently accepting submissions for its film competitions, with a deadline set for August 25. Selections for the festival will be announced by October 5. The festival entertains a wide range of categories including short films, experimental films, children’s films, and TV series, showcasing the diversity in the world of animation.

Batumi: The Host City

Batumi, the third-largest city in Georgia and a historical sea port, offers a unique backdrop for the festival. The city is a cultural hub, known for hosting various international festivals, with TOFUZI being a prominent one. October, the usual month for the festival, presents Batumi in pleasant weather, ideal for both indoor screenings and outdoor explorations. Visitors can enjoy the city’s modern and ancient architecture, public sculptures, and artworks, along with unique attractions like the Alphabetic Tower, the Chacha Tower, and the Ali and Nino statue.

Batumi Batumi Chacha Tower Chacha Tower Ali and Nino Ali and Nino Alphabet Tower Alphabet Tower

Celebrating Creativity And Cultural Exchange

TOFUZI is more than a festival; it's a melting pot of cultures and ideas. It allows jury members, filmmakers, students, and journalists to interact, sharing insights on animation and Georgian history while sampling local wines. The festival's intimate atmosphere fosters new relationships and a sense of community, often leaving attendees feeling like they're part of a new family.

Highlights From Past Events

Past editions of TOFUZI have included special showcases like the Ukrainian, Romanian, and Azerbaijan showcases, each bringing a unique flavor to the festival. Special events like the 'Talk Show' Q&A sessions and opportunities for students to pitch their animated projects add educational and interactive dimensions to the experience.

Ensuring A Global Reach

TOFUZI’s emphasis on both Georgian and international animation highlights the festival's commitment to creating a global platform. By showcasing works from a variety of cultures and styles, TOFUZI contributes to a richer, more diverse animation landscape.


In summary, TOFUZI is not just an animation film festival; it's a cultural event that bridges gaps between different animation communities, fostering a global conversation. It offers an enriching experience for both attendees and participants, set against the picturesque backdrop of Batumi. The festival continues to grow and evolve, promising to bring new and exciting developments in the world of animation each year.

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