Tobavarchkhili Lake

The Tobavarchkhili lakes, ensconced in the southern stretch of the Egrisi mountain range in Georgia's Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, are among the country's most striking natural wonders. Perched at an altitude between 2500-2650 meters (8202-8694 feet), these lakes, surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, offer a scenic haven for adventurous souls.

Cloaked in legends and mystical tales, the main Tobavarchkhili Lake lies shimmering within the crater of an extinct volcano. Ancient tales caution against disturbing the lake's tranquility, warning of thunderous wrath for those who dare swim in its waters. This lore infuses the lake with an enigmatic allure, attracting curious visitors from around the globe.

The journey to Tobavarchkhili Lake is an adventure in itself. The route winds through dense forests and expansive meadows, past three additional high-altitude lakes — Kalalish, Didghlish, and Tsakatskarish—before reaching the primary Tobavarchkhili Lake, 2,650 meters (8694 feet) above sea level. The panorama here overlooks the serene Khobistskali Valley, offering breathtaking views of untouched nature.

Along this trail, nature unfolds her wonders: mystic caves, healing mineral waters, rushing waterfalls, the canyon of the Magani River, and tranquil alpine lakes. Each ascending step brings you closer to the solitude and tranquility that the area radiates.

Local lore holds Tobavarchkhili Lake as a sacred place, where, it is said, Goliath Aramkhutu, a divine descendant, washed his wounds after a fierce battle. Folklore speaks of an epic duel, of hurling rocks and resulting craters that shaped the landscape. Even today, some believe that disturbing the waters of this lake incites a storm, reinforcing the lake's mystical aura.

The journey continues towards Tsashikibuli, a peak described as the 'stairway to the sky'. Standing tall at 3,116 meters (10,223 feet), it offers an accessible challenge even for novice hikers, while the other side of the peak remains the preserve of professional climbers. At this elevation, the tranquility is profound, and the panoramic view of the Tobavarchkhili Lake, shimmering in hues of blue and silver, is mesmerizing. The lake, covering a surface area of 0.21 km², reaches an average depth of 16 meters (52 feet) and is primarily replenished by snow, rain, and groundwater.

The area remains devoid of fish and trees, with only alpine flowers gracing its landscape, while the reflection of Tsashikibuli on the lake's surface creates a truly enchanting sight.

Thanks to a central road built in 2021, reaching this beautiful destination is now more accessible, making it a must-visit for anyone keen on exploring Georgia's hidden gems.

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