Oniore Waterfall & Toba First Cave

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Located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia, the Martvili Municipality boasts a landscape rich with canyons, caves, and waterfalls, encapsulating an ancient history and varied natural wonders. Among the notable attractions in this area are the Oniore Waterfall and Toba First Cave Natural Monuments, locally celebrated highlights of the region.

Situated within the Toba River Valley near Meore Balda village, both the Oniore Waterfall and the Oniore Cave, or Toba First Cave, beckon to visitors with their impressive features. The environment is lush, enveloped by thickets of Colchic boxwood, a testament to the area's vibrant biodiversity.

Oniore Cave stands out with its majestic roofing, reaching a height of thirty meters (approximately 98.4 feet). The cave spans a width ranging from twelve to fifteen meters (39.4 to 49.2 feet), creating a grandiose subterranean space. Inside, visitors are greeted by two waterfalls. The inner waterfall cascades from a height of 21 meters (68.9 feet), while the outer waterfall boasts an impressive drop of 84 meters (275.6 feet).

Reaching Toba First Cave requires a bit of an adventure. Visitors initiate their journey at the parking area near Balda Mobastery, embarking on a five-kilometer (3.1 miles) hike to the first rest area—a spot perfect for a refreshing pause and a moment of tranquility. The journey then continues for another two kilometers (1.24 miles) to reach the cave and its waterfalls. Given the challenging nature of the final leg of the hike, it is prudent to consider the assistance of a local guide.

For those less inclined to hike the entire distance, the option to drive to the first rest area in an off-road vehicle is available, offering a more accessible route to the wonders that lie ahead.

Set at an elevation of 680 meters (2,231 feet) above sea level, the Oniore Waterfall and Toba First Cave Natural Monuments represent a harmonious blend of natural elements. The cave, carved from limestone, reveals an entrance of 12 by 5 meters (39.4 by 16.4 feet), extending along a shaft. Approximately 70 meters (229.7 feet) from the cave’s entrance, visitors will find the underground waterfall, situated in a chamber where the ceiling soars to a height of 30 meters (98.4 feet). The tunnel, leading to this subterranean spectacle, varies in width from 12 to 15 meters (39.4 to 49.2 feet), culminating at the 67-meter-high (219.8 feet) waterfall.

In this blend of topographical marvels, the Oniore Waterfall and Toba First Cave stand as integral components of Martvili’s captivating scenery, offering visitors a glimpse into the region's rich natural heritage.

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