Nogha Fortress

Perched on the zenith of Samegrelo's Nogha village, the 16th-17th century Nogha Fortress stands as a sentinel of time. Initially under the possession of the Jaianis, it later served as a strategic stronghold for the Dadianis.

Spanning a considerable area, the fortress showcases an ellipsoidal double wall architecture adorned with four distinct towers. The northern, western, and eastern towers follow a circular floor plan, adding to the fortress's architectural appeal. Contrarily, the southern tower deviates with its distinctive square shape, imparting a unique symmetry to the structure.

Crafted using a plethora of stone varieties and held together with lime mortar, the fortress stands as a testimony to the meticulous craftsmanship of the era. The double fences and the towers stand approximately two meters apart, maintaining a balanced aspect ratio.

In the present day, the towers offer captivating views of the neighboring villages of Chkhorotsku and Martvili. However, in the Middle Ages, they served a crucial purpose - controlling the vast surrounding area, offering strategic advantage to its inhabitants.

A mere 3 kilometers (around 1.86 miles) from the village via a dirt road, the fortress is easily accessible, welcoming visitors to delve into its rich past.

Between 2015 and 2019, the fortress underwent significant rehabilitation. Today, fully reconstructed, it stands as a preserved gem, narrating tales of Georgia's illustrious past and serving as a beacon of Samegrelo's historic landscape.

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