Vashlovani National Park

Situated in the eastern part of Georgia, Vashlovani National Park is a magnificent testament to nature's grandeur. A protected area that once lay beneath the Sarmatian Sea five million years ago, it now spreads across an impressive 25,000 hectares (approximately 61,776 acres), featuring diverse landscapes from deserts to forests, valleys, and cliffs.

The park’s unique composition hosts a compelling array of flora. Semi-arid and arid plants coexist harmoniously with sparse forests and steppes, creating a captivating mosaic of ecosystems within a confined area. A distinctive feature of Vashlovani is its rare species of wild pistachio tree (Pistacia atlantica), growing in well-spaced rows, 15-20 meters (approximately 49-66 feet) apart. The park's moniker, "Vashlovani," is derived from the Georgian word for apple, "vashli," due to the pistachio tree's striking resemblance to apple trees.

Endowed with a rich biodiversity, Vashlovani is home to 46 distinct mammal species, from jackals, foxes, and rabbits to wolves, lynxes, porcupines, and bears. Encountering them in the wild is an uncommon, but unforgettable experience. In 2003, a leopard named Noe, a species rare in Georgia, was discovered within the park, becoming a symbol of Vashlovani's treasured wildlife.

Situated just 150-50 meters (approximately 490-160 feet) above sea level, Vashlovani boasts a dry climate, creating a unique setting for desert and semi-desert steppe vegetation alongside arid and deciduous forests. It is also renowned for its breathtaking geological features, such as the striking "Sharp Walls" canyon cliffs and the awe-inspiring Alazani flood plains and forests.

Vashlovani’s flora and fauna are truly unique, characterized by the occurrence of wild pistachio trees, peonies, and various orchids, including some endemic plant species. The park shelters 25 species of reptiles and over 100 native bird species, including the imperial eagle, black vulture, pheasant, and the rare black stork.

The exploration of Vashlovani's wilderness can be a thrilling adventure, accessible by off-road vehicles, horseback, or on foot for the avid hikers. Each journey within this national park offers a unique opportunity to delve into Georgia's natural splendor, making it an unforgettable destination for nature enthusiasts.

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