Japana Lake

Imagine a sanctuary for nature's wonders, where water kisses land and life thrives. Welcome to Japana Lake, the largest oxbow lake in Georgia, tucked away in the Lanchkhuti Municipality. Settle in the lowlands of Guria at a modest 13 meters (or about 43 feet) above sea level, the lake is a mesmerizing testament to nature's power and whimsy.

Japana Lake was born from the shifting course of the Rioni River, a natural marvel that has given it its alternate moniker, "Narionali" lake. The surface of this freshwater oasis spreads over a vast 1.17 square kilometers (or approximately 0.45 square miles), with a catchment area extending over 5.2 square kilometers (about 2 square miles). With an average depth of 3.7 meters (around 12 feet) and a volume of water measuring up to 4.3 million cubic meters (equivalent to over 1.13 billion gallons), Japana Lake stands as a profound testament to the power and beauty of Georgia's waterways.

Fed by rains and underground waters, Japana Lake is an endorheic, sheerwater lake that serves as a tranquil home for various fish species such as Hypophthalmichthys, carp, pike, and Idella. The lake's transformation into an impoundment has made it a thriving fishery, reminiscent of the Soviet era when a 140-hectare (or 0.54 square miles) fish farm produced 70 to 80 tons of fish, drawing waters from the Rioni and Kheviskali rivers.

But the charm of Japana Lake extends beyond its abundant aquatic life. As winter descends, the lake becomes a bustling hub for migratory birds. Wild ducks glide gracefully over the lake's shimmering surface, their vivid plumage contrasting the cool, clear waters. The lake, nestled in a lush green landscape, serves as a sanctuary for these feathered visitors, attracting bird lovers and casual tourists alike.

Japana Lake is not alone in its scenic splendor. Flanked by Didi (Big) Narionali and Mtsire (Small) Narionali, this trio of lakes form an aquatic paradise, a haven for wildlife and an idyllic retreat for humans.

Come visit Japana Lake, where the rhythms of nature play a tranquil melody. Let the beauty of the birds in flight and the whisper of the water lull you into a state of serene contemplation. This oasis of biodiversity is waiting to welcome you into its embrace.

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