Discover The Royal Heritage And Distinctive Flavors Of Georgia's Kaklucha
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Kaklucha, also known as Orbeliani candy or Royal Candy, is a distinctive sweet from Georgia. This rare delicacy, originating from the 19th century, is made from simple ingredients like walnuts and caramelized sugar. In this article, we delve into the history, preparation, and availability of Kaklucha, providing an overview of this Georgian culinary creation.

The Historical Background Of Kaklucha

The creation of Kaklucha dates back to the 19th century, involving Princess Mariam Jambakur-Orbeliani and her cook, Pelagia. Princess Mariam, daughter of poet Prince Vakhtang Orbeliani, contributed to this unique candy's development, differentiating it from other Georgian sweets. Unlike many traditional Georgian pastries, Kaklucha does not follow a generational recipe but stands as a distinct invention within the Georgian culinary scene.

Composition And Flavor Profile Of Kaklucha

Kaklucha is crafted from walnuts and caramelized sugar. Despite its simple ingredients, the candy boasts a complex flavor. Each piece presents a hard crystallized outer layer, a creamy filling, and a crunchy walnut core. The careful balance of textures and flavors in Kaklucha makes it a notable confection within Georgia's diverse range of sweets.

Availability And Distribution Of Kaklucha

Kaklucha's preparation is known to a select few, making it a rare find in Georgia. The knowledge of crafting this candy remains limited, contributing to its scarcity. However, it can be found in certain locations like Cafe Leila and Shemomechama in Tbilisi, or through Orbelianebis Nugbari. This exclusivity makes Kaklucha a sought-after item for visitors and locals alike.

Kaklucha's Role In Georgian Cuisine

Kaklucha occupies a unique spot in Georgian cuisine. While not as widely recognized as some other traditional sweets, its distinct history and flavor set it apart. Kaklucha exemplifies the variety and creativity present in Georgian confectionery, making it a noteworthy component of the nation's culinary offerings.


Kaklucha, or Orbeliani candy, is a notable Georgian sweet with a unique history and flavor. Its rarity and distinctive taste make it an interesting aspect of Georgian cuisine, especially for those keen on exploring the country's culinary diversity.

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