Beachfront Lodging Along Georgia's Black Sea

Exploring The Diverse And Scenic Beachfront Accommodations From Batumi To Tsikhisdziri

Georgia's Black Sea coastline, a destination marked by its scenic beauty and cultural richness, offers a variety of beachfront lodging options, catering to different preferences and budgets. Here's an exploration of these accommodations, each promising a unique experience by the Black Sea.

Batumi: A Blend Of Modernity And Nature

Batumi, the crown jewel of Georgia's Black Sea coast, offers a range of lodging options from luxury resorts to budget-friendly stays. Known for its modern architecture and vibrant nightlife, Batumi attracts a diverse crowd. Accommodations in Batumi vary widely in price, with luxury hotels averaging around €100-250 per night, while more affordable options can start from as low as €30 per night. Batumi's beaches are predominantly pebbly, and its subtropical climate ensures a pleasant stay​​.

Kobuleti: For The Young And Restless

Kobuleti is a lively destination known for its youth-oriented vibe and therapeutic properties, particularly beneficial for heart and musculoskeletal conditions. The lodging options here cater mainly to a younger demographic seeking beach and nightlife activities. Accommodation prices in Kobuleti start from approximately 100 GEL (€27) for basic hotels, with more upscale options averaging around 350 GEL (€96) per night. The beach here is a mix of coarse and smaller pebbles blended with black magnetic sand​​​​.

Ureki And Magnetiti: Healing Sands

Distinct from other Georgian beach destinations, Ureki and Magnetiti are known for their sandy beaches with therapeutic properties. These destinations are ideal for those seeking health benefits along with beach relaxation. Accommodation options in these areas range from guest houses to mid-range hotels, with prices varying depending on the level of luxury and proximity to the beach. Prices can range from moderate to slightly high, depending on the season and the amenities offered​​.

Tsikhisdziri: Exclusivity And Serenity

Tsikhisdziri offers a more secluded and exclusive beach experience. The area is known for its upscale lodging options, such as the Castello Mare Wellness hotel, which is popular for its modern facilities and stunning sea views. Prices in this area tend to be on the higher end, reflecting the luxurious nature of the accommodations. Guests can expect to pay upwards of €100 per night for a standard room in such upscale resorts​​.

Chakvi: The Green Haven

Makhinjauri: Quiet And Close To Batumi

Makhinjauri, located near Batumi, provides a quieter alternative for visitors. The area offers a range of budget-friendly lodging options, with room rates starting from approximately €12-13 per night. Makhinjauri's pebble beach and clear sea make it an attractive option for those seeking a peaceful stay close to the amenities of Batumi​​.


Georgia's Black Sea coast presents a variety of beachfront lodging options, each offering a unique experience. From the bustling city life in Batumi to the quiet, therapeutic shores of Ureki and Magnetiti, there's something for every type of traveler. Whether seeking luxury, tranquility, health benefits, or a vibrant party scene, the Georgian coast caters to all preferences, with a range of prices to suit different budgets.

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