Trialeti Horseback Escape

Private Horseback Tour From Tbilisi With Lunch Included
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  • Tailored experiences for every skill level
  • Private transfers from Tbilisi
  • Expert guides fluent in multiple languages
  • Scenic trails through diverse landscapes
  • Memorable meals catering to all preferences

Discover the untouched beauty of Trialeti Ridge in a style uniquely yours on this private half-day horse riding tour to Georgia. Tailored to your pace and preference, this travel Georgia adventure lets you explore serene mountain passes and lush, wooded trails intimately. Your personal journey through nature’s grandeur is led by multilingual experts and framed by the rugged landscapes just outside Tbilisi, promising more than just a ride.



Your private experience begins with a morning pickup from your Tbilisi residence, setting off towards the remote Trialeti Ridge. This day tour becomes an adventure as you approach the ranch via a thrilling 7km off-road drive, offering endless views under the Georgian sky. Upon arrival, you’re greeted with warm hospitality—tea or coffee in hand—setting the tone for a day of leisure and exploration.

Participate in grooming and saddling the horses, an immersive way to connect with your ride before setting off. Beginners are welcomed with hands-on training from our seasoned instructors, ensuring comfort and confidence on the trails. Choose between a gentle 90-minute route through vibrant fields and quiet forests, or for the more adventurous, a 2-hour journey that delves deeper into the rugged terrain without prior training.

Lunch at the ranch isn’t merely a meal but a continuation of your private tour. Whether you prefer robust flavors of local meats or the freshness of vegetarian dishes, it’s all here, served against the backdrop of Trialeti’s majestic peaks.

As the trip concludes, your private transfer will bring you back to Tbilisi, enriching you with memories of a travel experience spent in one of Georgia’s most scenic outposts.


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Our tour program's list of attractions is a guide, not exhaustive. Unlisted sites may be visited, and listed ones might be viewed from a distance. Conditions like operating hours, weather, or local rules may affect access. Thank you for your understanding.


  This experience has open departure and can be organized based on your preferred dates. Remember, prices vary based on the exact group size.

From Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2024 Available every day of the week USD 85 Starting at
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