Mushtaidi Garden

Tucked away in Tbilisi lies Mushtaidi Garden, an enchanting blend of historical significance and contemporary charm. Known for a myriad of milestones like the world's first children's railway, the initial hot-air balloon take-off in Transcaucasia, and as a rendezvous point for the celebrated Niko Pirosmani and French singer Margarita, Mushtaidi Garden offers a walk through history.

The garden's history traces back to the 1830s when it was cultivated by Mir Feteagha Seyyed Tabriz, a mujtahid from Iran who found refuge in Tbilisi, reportedly for love of his Georgian wife. It passed to the State Treasury in 1853 and soon became a hub for public walks, exhibitions, and various performances.

Mushtaidi Garden sprawls across 16 hectares (approximately 110,000 square metres or around 1,184,030 square feet), offering a myriad of experiences. It boasts an impressive Zelkova grove, with relict trees contributing to the garden's vast collection of unique plant species. Alongside the flora, the State Silk Museum, established in 1887 and one of the world's oldest of its kind, calls this place home.

A key highlight is the children's railway established in 1935, an innovative educational endeavor aimed at teaching children to drive a train. It continues to be a popular attraction with young visitors, who enjoy a ride in the three open-type carriages.

Modern attractions blend harmoniously with the garden's historical fabric. There's an amphitheater hosting regular entertainment events, children's playgrounds, a summer theatre, and cafes among others. An agricultural farm established in the 19th century continues to be a point of interest, with a restaurant, snack bar, and an open-air theatre enhancing the visitor experience.

Today, the Mushtaidi Garden is a cherished spot for locals and tourists alike to walk, rest, and enjoy leisure time. Whether you're fascinated by the curve of the mirrors or the lush green expanse, the garden invites everyone for a unique journey through history, offering an idyllic space to relax and enjoy Tbilisi's vibrant culture.

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