Kashveti Church

Nestled between the National Gallery and the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts on Rustaveli Avenue, the Kashveti Church stands as a silent yet eloquent testament to Georgia's religious and artistic history. Beneath its pristine white façade lie the vibrant frescoes of renowned Georgian artist, Lado Gudiashvili, each brushstroke narrating stories etched deep within the nation's heart.

The legend of the Kashveti Church involves Holy Father David Garejeli, one of the thirteen Assyrian monks who strengthened Christianity in Georgia during the 6th century. According to folklore, a woman falsely accused Father David of impregnating her. He proclaimed that if he were guilty, she would bear a child, but if innocent, she would deliver a stone. As it turned out, she gave birth to a stone, and this unusual event led to the church's name, "Kashveti," signifying "deliver a stone" in Georgian. The original chapel was constructed on this very spot where the miracle was believed to have occurred.

Over the centuries, the ancient chapel made way for newer constructions due to inevitable wear and tear. The current Kashveti Church, designed by architect Leopold Bilfeldt and constructed between 1904 and 1910, echoes the medieval architecture of the Samtavisi Cathedral. This cross-domed edifice is built using Italian marble, with a tripartite structure showcasing intricate carvings inspired by various ancient Georgian churches, harmoniously blending into one magnificent design.

Inside the church, one is immediately captivated by the vibrant frescoes painted by Lado Gudiashvili in 1947. They portray poignant biblical scenes including the Virgin Mary cradling baby Jesus, the Eucharist of the apostles, and the Archangel Gabriel announcing the Annunciation. These frescoes are not only a testament to Gudiashvili's artistic prowess but also to the enduring power of encaustic painting, an intricate and ancient method known for its longevity.

The Kashveti Church of St. George, as it is officially known, is not just a Georgian Orthodox Church in central Tbilisi, but a living monument narrating centuries-old tales of faith, art, and culture. With its unique legend, fascinating architecture, and artistic wealth, the Kashveti Church is a must-visit destination, promising a glimpse into Georgia's spiritual and cultural fabric. Experience this historical gem for yourself and let the stories it holds within its walls inspire you.

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