Dedaena Park

Situated along the river embankment, nestled amidst the bustling districts of Georgia's capital, lies the resplendent green expanse of Dedaena Park. A beacon of tranquility and recreation, it recently underwent a significant renovation, creating various resting spaces and introducing a newly built skate park that meets international standards.

Dedaena Park, a cornerstone of Tbilisi's leisure scene, was established shortly after World War II. The land it occupies today was once the river bed of Mtkvari and home to the small Madatovi island, a far cry from the bustling green space it has evolved into.

The park takes its name from the Georgian term "Deda Ena," directly translated as "mother language" or "native language." This name bears a significant historical weight, tied intricately with the Georgian Demonstrations of 1978, a turning point in Georgia's linguistic history. In an act of defiance against the Soviet government's attempt to alter the constitutional status of the Georgian language in the Georgian SSR, tens of thousands gathered in what is now Dedaena Park. Their efforts bore fruit when Georgian officials successfully negotiated with Moscow to retain the language's status. Today, April 14th, the culmination of the 1978 protests, is celebrated as the day of the Georgian language.

Amongst the rolling green expanses and thriving recreational spaces, a towering stone memorial stands as a testament to the park's historic significance. Designed by Elguja Amashukeli and Nodar Mgaloblishvili, it depicts a child reaching towards the sky, a bell poised above his head.

Dedaena Park isn't just steeped in history; it's a living, breathing part of Tbilisi's culture and lifestyle. Visitors can explore two bars and a café nestled within the park, offering refreshments and culinary delights. The park's facilities are inclusive and cater to people with disabilities, embodying the welcoming spirit of Georgia's capital.

Positioned near the Dry Bridge, Dedaena Park serves as the perfect starting point for further exploration. From the famous flea market on the Dry Bridge, bursting with souvenirs and antiques, to the Public Service Hall, an iconic example of Tbilisi's modern architecture, the area surrounding the park brims with attractions.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a skater, or a visitor seeking solace amidst the city's bustle, Dedaena Park is a green oasis that caters to all, living up to its name as the heart of Tbilisi.

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