Kodistskaro Lake

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Visitors to Shida Kartli Region in Georgia are greeted by a tapestry of historic monuments and varied landscapes, ranging from mineral water resorts and alpine meadows to lakes and towering cascades. In the heart of this region, Kodistskaro Lake stands out as a pristine water reservoir encircled by lush mountains, showcasing nature’s grandeur in every season.

Positioned at 975 meters (3,199 feet) above sea level near Koditskaro village in Khashuri Municipality, the lake spans a depth of 7-8 meters (23-26 feet) and is fed by groundwater. Forested mountains and vibrant fields frame the lake, creating a tranquil retreat for nature enthusiasts and hikers. Autumn transforms the scenery into a canvas of fiery hues, while spring brings a burst of greenery and an array of wildflowers, with chamomile fields captivating those with a fondness for these blooms.

Fishing aficionados and picnic lovers will find the lake’s environment accommodating, with ample spots along the shoreline to indulge in their activities. Additionally, the old Dormition of the Virgin Church near the lake adds a layer of historical interest for visitors.

For those seeking adventure, a light hike from Kodistskaro Lake to the peak of Ghorinamkali Mountain offers panoramic views of the surrounding beauty. To embark on this journey, start at the village of Tskhramukha, located roughly ten kilometers from Khashuri. Both a footpath and a paved road lead from the village to the lake, with clear signage directing hikers to the trail toward Ghorinamkali’s summit.

In spring, the fields around the lake burst into a spectrum of colors due to the blooming wildflowers, whereas autumn drapes the landscape in golden tones. Regardless of the season, Kodistskaro Lake provides a serene escape, marrying natural splendor with historical significance, and inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the heart of Shida Kartli’s rich heritage and diverse terrains.

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