Nedzvi Managed Reserve

Have you ever had the chance to experience the unspoiled wilderness and centuries-old history, all in one place? That's precisely the blend of adventures that awaits you at the Nedzvi Managed Reserve. Nestled in the Lesser Caucasus of Georgia's Samtskhe-Javakheti region, southwest of Tbilisi, this protected area is a mesmerizing ensemble of natural splendor and historical depth.

The exact size and borders of Nedzvi Reserve might be still up for debate, but its charm is indisputable. Part of the Borjomi-Kharagauli Protected Areas, this magnificent reserve is a hiker's dream, boasting a sprawling 8,892 hectares (or about 21,970 acres in imperial terms).

Adventure seekers can immerse themselves in the circular panoramic trails weaving through Nedzvi. This thrilling 32-kilometer (or roughly 20-mile) loop trail takes two days to complete and connects Akhaldaba Village, Didi Karta Mountain, Shuano Mountain, and Nedzvi Village. If a two-day hike sounds like a marathon, don't fret! You can customize the hike according to your preference. Plus, cozy camping spots dot the trail, and a comfortable tourist cottage near Shuano Mountains provides a warm welcome after the first day of trekking. It can accommodate up to twelve guests, perfect for a small group of adventure enthusiasts.

Beyond the hiking trails, the reserve is a living testament to Georgia's rich ecological diversity. Nedzvi Reserve is a haven for Caucasian fir trees and serves as a habitat for the elusive lynx. Imagine wandering through a forest of towering firs with the possibility of spotting a lynx in its natural habitat!

However, the allure of Nedzvi Reserve extends beyond its natural beauty. Its cultural heritage takes you on a journey back to the 9th century, where early Christian churches punctuate the landscape. The Nedzvi Church, nestled in the gorge of the river Nedzvishevi, is a highlight of this period. Built by disciples of Gregory of Khandzta and Christopher, it's a treasured monument that has undergone restorations, preserving its original layout and confirming its status as the largest three-church basilica in Georgia.

In short, the Nedzvi Managed Reserve offers an unmatched blend of wild landscapes, thrilling hiking trails, rich biodiversity, and historical sites. So, if you're an adventurous spirit looking for an unforgettable journey into Georgia's heart, Nedzvi is the place to be!

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