Gogichaant Ghele Settlement

Nestled near the village of Chobiskhevi, in the heart of Borjomi Municipality, the ancient settlement of Gogichaant Ghele, also known as Nadikrebi, offers a rich narrative of Georgia's past. This extraordinary archaeological site is a must-visit for any enthusiast seeking to delve into the mysteries of ancient settlements.

An intriguing blend of pre-Christian and Christian era construction characterizes the stone halls of Gogichaant Ghele, reflecting the cultural evolution of this significant site. The settlement's monumental megalithic structures, constructed in the 11th-13th centuries, stand as magnificent examples of secular medieval architecture. Their distinctive construction techniques involve the arrangement of massive boulders, reflecting a unique craftsmanship.

The buildings in this fascinating site are carefully separated based on their functions, including agricultural, residential, and religious uses. The agricultural buildings house an array of historically significant elements such as grape presses, chacha distillers, oil filters, cowsheds, and grain bins, painting a vivid picture of the settlement's past life. The site also likely played host to the residence of a local feudal lord, suggesting its significant socio-political status.

Located amidst a forest-covered mountain in Chobiskhevi village, the Gogichaant Gheli settlement is distinctively terraced following the mountain's moral relief, culminating at its peak. At its core, well-preserved, pre-Christian stone cone-domed halls stand in testament to the settlement's past. The unique cyclopean construction of the central round stall, fitted with a conical dome and central opening, demonstrates a unique and effective use of the local basalt-type porous stone.

The Christian-era part of the settlement is characterized by smaller stone structures, housing medium-sized, rectangular living cells. Among these structures is a church, of which only a fragment of the altar remains today. A stone-cut cross inside the sanctuary and the use of amber-colored sandstone in its construction add a distinct spiritual aura to the complex.

Gogichaant Gheli is remarkable in its scale, deviating from the norm of a typical rural settlement. The terraced formation of the settlement is characteristic of Tori country and is determined by the terrain, offering differing widths of artificial terraces. Unfortunately, road construction during the last century has caused considerable damage to the site, leading to the destruction of several dozen houses. However, the settlement's strong northern and northwestern wall, built from dry piles, remains as a protective barrier.

Whether it's for its architectural prowess or the glimpses of ancient life it offers, a trip to Gogichaant Ghele is sure to transport you back in time, providing an intimate understanding of Georgia's rich history and cultural evolution.

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