Salkhino Dadiani Palace

Enveloped by the lush landscapes of the Samegrelo Region, in the quaint village of Salkhino, lies a testament to Georgia's regal past - the Salkhino Dadiani Palace. This resplendent structure was once the summer residence of the illustrious Dadiani family, influential nobles with ties to the French Imperial family.

Walking up the cobblestone paths, you're ensnared in the ambiance of bygone grandeur, encapsulated by towering trees and echoes of 19th-century Georgian aristocracy. The palace commenced as a modest wooden house, transformed into a majestic two-story stone palace under the reign of Levan Dadiani in the early 19th century.

It was Princess Salome Dadiani-Murat, Levan's cultured granddaughter, raised amidst Western Europe's sophistication, who inherited the complete palace. Salkhino became the epicenter for lavish feasts attended by nobility, as echoed in its name, which translates to "a place for a feast." The last significant celebration marked the nuptials of Lucien Murat, son of Salome Dadiani-Murat, and Napoleon Bonaparte's nephew, Achille Murat.

The palace, with its pristine gardens and regal architecture, captivates visitors. Its grounds are home to the 18th-century Virgin Mary Church and the historical wine cellar of the Dadianis, a distinct hallmark of Salkhino village. With twelve symbolic qvevris, the cellar is a tribute to the twelve holy festivals and the Lord's Apostles.

The palace overlooks the pristine waters of the Tsachkhura river, known for its refreshing chill, a silent witness to the fascinating life of the Dadiani nobles. The Salkhino Dadiani Palace, currently serving as the residence for Patriarch Martvili, remains a remarkable monument in the Martvili tourist area.

Within the complex, St. George's Church, St. Dadiani Gate, the expansive chador tree-lined alley, boxwood groves, a park adorned with benches, and a spacious, tranquil yard enhance the palace's charm.

The palace's construction, executed by Turkish and Greek builders, involved the diligent efforts of local peasants, bringing the necessary materials. Despite the palace ranking third in significance after the Zugdidi and Gordi residences, its history, architecture, and atmospheric allure make it an exceptional highlight for visitors.

Salkhino Dadiani Palace offers a fascinating glimpse into Georgia's rich cultural heritage, from its royal celebrations to its exquisite gardens, giving visitors a unique experience that echoes with the pageantry of the past.

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