Kolkheti National Park

Brimming with remarkable biodiversity, Kolkheti National Park unfurls across 44,000 hectares (around 108,726 acres) of land. Nestled on the eastern shore of the Black Sea and encompassing the river basin of Paliastomi Lake, the park is an exquisite showcase of Georgia's natural beauty. A sanctuary for threatened species and a spectacle of vibrant landscapes, Kolkheti National Park is a beloved destination for tourists, scientists, and nature enthusiasts.

The park is renowned for its preservation efforts, safeguarding the distinctive Kolkhetian marshes and lowland forests. It also plays a vital role in protecting numerous endangered species such as the Kolkhetian oak, wing-nut tree, Kolkhetian box-tree, ash-tree, Georgian oak, and alder-tree. The park is also home to two critically endangered plant species – the yellow horned poppy and the sea daffodil, both teetering on the brink of extinction.

Venture into Kolkheti's wild terrains, and you might spot a variety of fauna, including deer, coypu, and otters playfully traipsing along the walking paths. But the park's star attractions are its avian residents. Holding a prestigious third rank worldwide for bird migration, Kolkheti serves as a haven for 194 different bird species. From the threatened ruddy shelduck and greylag goose to six species of endangered eagles, these feathered inhabitants paint the skies with their vibrant colors and melodious songs.

The park's status as a significant resting and staging area for migratory water birds has earned it international recognition. Georgia's accession to the Ramsar Convention in 1996 highlighted the importance of Kolkheti's wetlands. The park's inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Emerald Network underpins its value as an ecological treasure trove and a habitat for waterfowl.

Take the opportunity to experience the park's magnificence firsthand. Stay overnight in a quaint cottage by the water, cooking locally-caught fish over an open flame. Delight in the playful antics of dolphins in the Black Sea and immerse yourself in the Georgian Amazon, with a mesmerizing boat tour on Paliastomi Lake and Pichori River. Whether you prefer the tranquil glide of a pontoon, the thrill of a motorboat, or the hands-on adventure of kayaking, there's a boat tour for every preference.

Kolkheti National Park extends a warm invitation to all nature lovers. Grab your backpack, venture into the splendid Colchic forests, and witness the unique wetlands. Unwind with a picnic after an invigorating day of exploration. Don't wait; immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Kolkheti National Park today.

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