Bareti Lake

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Located within the boundaries of Tsalka municipality, a mere 20-minute drive transports you from the town of Tsalka to Bareti Lake, standing out as one of the region’s largest natural bodies of water. The lake’s position at 1,612 meters, or approximately 5,289 feet, above sea level, is complemented by its expansive 100 hectares (around 247 acres) surface area. Notably, the lake does not boast a permanent tributary; instead, it relies on precipitation for sustenance.

Bareti Lake is held in high esteem for its biodiversity, a fact underscored by the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia, which foresees the lake’s potential integration into Algeti National Park, ushering it into the realm of ecotourism routes. The lake is a hub for a variety of bird species, becoming particularly vibrant with waterfowl during specific seasons.

Journeying toward the lake, the scenic panorama of Tsalka unfolds, showcasing marvels such as the Tsalka Canyon. Within its confines, visitors can find the St. George's Church, accessible via a path originating at Dashbashi Canyon. The Tsalka Reservoir, notable for being Georgia's largest reservoir by surface area, and the town of Tsalka itself, recognized for its ethnic diversity and unique cultural and social identity, are also among the sights to be explored.

Transitioning to the village of Bareti, which houses Lake Bareti, one finds themselves in the Kvemo Kartli Region. The lake, reiterating its position at 1,612 meters (or roughly 5,289 feet) above sea level, unfolds across a mirror area of 1.24 square kilometers. With no permanent tributary, the lake is replenished by atmospheric precipitation. The lake’s allure is constant throughout the year, presenting open spaces adjacent to a blue expanse, creating breathtaking scenery. This spot is ideal for picnicking and provides a serene environment for those wishing to unwind amidst nature. In the vicinity of the lake, additional attractions include the Tsalka Reservoir, Dashbashi Canyon, as well as the St. George and St. Mary churches of Dashbashi, all contributing to the enriching experience that Bareti Lake and its surroundings have to offer.

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