Giant Plane Tree

In the heart of Telavi, the Kakheti Region's bustling city, stands a natural marvel that has borne silent witness to centuries of history - the Giant Plane Tree. This majestic organism, the largest tree in Georgia, exudes a unique charm that has drawn both local and foreign visitors for generations.

The Plane Tree's towering presence, with its 46-meter (150 feet) height and 12-meter (39.4 feet) width, dwarfs its surroundings, echoing the grandeur of the nearby 'Batonis Tsikhe' (the Prince’s Castle), 'Batonis Tsqharo' (the Prince’s Spring), and the monument to King Heracles II. Its staggering size is only surpassed by its longevity, with over 900 years of growth under its belt.

Great Georgian literary figures like Ilia Tchavtchavadze, Akaki Dseretheli, and Vazha-Phshavela, along with numerous public figures, have all visited this ancient giant, enraptured by its majesty and beauty. Today, the Plane Tree continues to attract a steady stream of visitors, an enduring testament to Georgia's rich natural heritage.

The health and preservation of this natural monument are of paramount importance. Recognizing this, a rehabilitation project has been initiated to ensure its survival. German specialist Dietler Koch, experienced in arboreal preservation, will assess the tree's health, using state-of-the-art X-ray technology for a detailed diagnosis. Based on this examination, a tailored rehabilitation plan will be designed and implemented.

The rehabilitation process will begin by relieving the tree's weight through careful pruning and the use of supporting belts. Such measures aim to restore its vitality and extend its lifespan, allowing future generations to marvel at this living piece of history.

Funding for this vital project is an international effort. Biberach, Germany, Telavi's twin town, has generously agreed to cover 90% of the projected GEL 35,000 costs, while the remaining will be shouldered by the local municipality.

The Giant Plane Tree of Telavi is more than just an ancient tree; it's a symbol of Georgia's strength and resilience, a testament to the nation's respect for nature, and a beloved landmark that continues to inspire awe and respect among all who see it. As you stand beneath its broad canopy, you are sharing in a part of Georgia's long and illustrious history.

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