Perched upon the eastern slopes of the Saalmi Mountain, Gogrulta stands as an echo of the past, its history steeped in the mystery of 5th-century tombs unearthed during local excavations.

Despite its status as one of the quaintest settlements in the picturesque Tusheti region, Gogrulta remains largely undisturbed by bustling crowds. Unlike the more frequented villages of Omalo and Shenako, Gogrulta cradles only a handful of families within its embrace, fostering a quiet intimacy that enhances its allure.

As a visitor to this unique hamlet, situated at the pinnacle of a modest summit, you're not just an observer but an active participant in the rhythm of mountain life. The village welcomes you into the heart of old traditions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle of the Tushi people. Whether it's assisting with the milking of cows, churning butter, or crafting Khinkali, a delicious local dumpling, your stay with a local family in a traditional house promises an enriching, hands-on experience.

Gogrulta lies opposite Dochu, nestled across the Gomertsi Alazani Gorge or valley, and can only be reached by navigating a network of steep, challenging paths that are as adventurous as they are rewarding. The journey from the main valley track from Omolo to Gogrulta, although arduous, offers breathtaking views and the thrill of traversing tricky terrain.

Whether you decide to descend to the river valley below Dochu and brave the tough climb on the other side of the Gorge, or choose the trail from Iliurta to Khakhabo, the path to Gogrulta is part of the adventure. Despite the steep trails and precarious paths, the reward of reaching this secluded hamlet, with its astounding panoramic vistas and enriching cultural experiences, makes every step worthwhile.

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