Dali Mountain Reservoir

Situated in the Dedoplistskaro municipality within Georgia's eastern Kakheti Region, the Dali Mountain Reservoir, commonly referred to as Dali Lake, is a haven of unspoiled natural beauty. Measuring approximately 4.39 kilometers (2.73 miles) by 1.88 kilometers (1.17 miles), this reservoir was constructed on the low flow of the Iori River and lies about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from the city of Dedoplistskaro. It boasts an impressive total water volume of 140 million cubic meters (4.94 billion cubic feet), with a useful volume of 133 million cubic meters (4.7 billion cubic feet).

The reservoir's uneven coastline gives it a unique character, marked by the water channel created from the Iori River that began operation in 1992. This channel has led to an abundance of aquatic life, making the reservoir a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

Positioned along the Iori River's coast near the reservoir, Dali Mountain houses a hunting farm named "Dalis mta." This rich ecosystem is home to a myriad of mammalian species including nutria, raccoons, raccoon dogs, wolves, rabbits, jackals, foxes, and wild pigs.

The waters of Dali Mountain Reservoir are brimming with a variety of fish including grass carp, silver carp, scaly carp, khramuli, common carp, catfish, barbel, Mtkvari barbel, and crucian carp. To maintain the health of these aquatic populations, fishing is halted during the spawning season from May to August.

Beyond its thriving aquatic life, Dali Mountain Reservoir's natural grandeur is accentuated by its diverse bird population, housing 132 species such as partridges, pheasants, gadwalls, mallards, quails, moorhens, Eurasian woodcocks, and wild pigeons. This makes it an ideal location for bird-watchers to spend a night basking in the region's rich biodiversity.

The Dali Mountain Reservoir, fed by the Iori River and seasonal rainfall, offers more than just a picturesque landscape. It is a serene retreat for those seeking fishing, bird-watching, or simply a tranquil picnic by the pristine lake waters. This spectacular reservoir, free from nearby human habitation or industry, truly exemplifies the untamed beauty of East Georgia.

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