Chkheri Fortress

The rustling leaves and chirping birds in the Imereti region of Georgia serve as a gentle chorus to your journey back in time. Your destination: Chkheri Castle, an architectural sentinel nestled within the green embrace of the Kharagauli municipality.

Often called Zarni Castle or Meliskari, Chkheri Castle was a stronghold of the Abashidze feudal family, and was erected between the 15th and 17th centuries. One can easily imagine this castle serving as an eagle's nest, vigilantly overlooking the region and marking the domain of its noble owners.

Wander through the castle and feel the weight of history. The ancient stones whisper tales of fierce resistance and bravery, notably the Battle of Chkheri in 1774 where Georgian kings Solomon I and Erekle II repelled a thousand-strong Turkish-Ottoman force, sending ripples through the ages.

But Chkheri Castle has not only seen the glorious victories but also brutal defiance. In 1810, it bore witness to the Russian incursion and the Imereti rebellion. The castle's guards met the invaders with such fierce resistance that the Russians resorted to burning down the surrounding village. It's a story of valiant resistance etched in the heart of this noble fortress.

Today, although in a half-ruined state, the fortress still stands proud. It consists of an upper and a lower castle. In the upper fort, you can find storerooms, pitchers, and a water basin, relics of a bygone era. Venture into the castle and you will feel the echo of the stories that it has been a silent witness to.

Chkheri Castle is a testament to Georgia's rich history, brimming with tales of nobility, courage, and resilience. It's a journey through time, waiting for you to explore. This architectural marvel is not just a destination, but a story etched in stone, where each footprint you leave is a part of its continuing history.

This grand sentinel may be half-ruined, but its spirit is very much alive. Visit Chkheri Castle and let the winds of history guide you through an unforgettable journey. So, dust off your explorer's hat and let your curiosity lead you to Chkheri Castle, where history comes alive in each and every stone.

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