Shalva Radiani Ethnographic Museum

Cover image © Paata Vardanashvili

Ah, Dvabzu Village! Nestled in the embrace of Ozurgeti Municipality, this quaint village is the unsuspecting host to the Shalva Radiani Ethnographic Museum, a treasure trove of Gurian history and culture.

Journey through the mists of time as you stand before a life-sized representation of an ancient Gurian home. It's not just any home, but an epitome of Gurian architectural ingenuity! Picture a meticulously recreated kitchen where aromas of traditional Gurian dishes once wafted. Beside it? A barn, granary, wine cellar, and a well - integral elements of daily Gurian life. And, oh! Don't miss the ornate handrail, a testament to Gurian craftsmanship.

Ever heard of ojinjalas or Chechos? Maybe Kardalas or wooden sachechelis? If you're tilting your head in bewilderment, you're not alone. These items, unknown to many, were the everyday tools and utilities unique to the Gurians - known, funnily enough, as the savviest tricksters in all of Georgia.

Now, let's talk namesakes. Shalva Radiani wasn't just any Georgian. Born in 1904 and leaving behind a legacy until 1977, he carved his niche as a revered writer and scholar. As you wander the museum, you'll stumble upon intimate snapshots from his life - photos, rustic furniture, and even the farming tools he once wielded.

So, here's the scoop:

Location: Ozurgeti Municipality, Village Dvabzu.
Established: 1984.
Type: Historical.
The collection? A rich medley of ethnographic items, revered books, vintage photographs, and agricultural wonders.

Feel like diving deep into Georgian history? Swing by between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, any day except the weekend. The Shalva Radiani Ethnographic Museum is more than just artifacts and tales - it's an adventure waiting to be experienced!

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