Ozurgeti Folklore Centre

Cover image © Grigol Makharadze

If the heartbeat of Guria were to resonate in one place, it would be the Ozurgeti Folklore Centre. A place where songs aren't just sung, they're lived. A place where dances don't just echo the past but celebrate the future. Here, the soulful notes of Georgian culture play on, continuously.

Philimon Koridze’s Legacy: The lanes of Ozurgeti carry whispers of Philimon Koridze, the maestro who gave Georgian opera its voice. This pioneer transcribed Georgian hymns into musical notation, ensuring they’d serenade generations to come.

The Krimanchuli Chronicles: The unique Gurian folk style, Krimanchuli, has a history as intriguing as its sound. Stemming from children's chants in the woods to keep fears at bay, its echoes today bring to life tales of yesteryears.

A Hub for Music Enthusiasts: From a state-of-the-art recording studio, lively concert halls, to a dedicated school for budding conductors, the Centre offers a haven for music lovers. Over 1.6 million GEL (about 480,000 USD) was poured into reviving this institution, and the results? Absolutely harmonic!

Events & Exhibitions: Beyond its walls, the Centre extends its reach to host the Black Sea International Folklore Festival, an event that attracts global attention. But step inside, and you’re greeted with exhibitions of traditional artwork and a treasure trove of original musical notations and memorable concert recordings.

A Testament to Preservation: Much credit goes to the relentless efforts of the Municipal Development Fund and the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia. What once stood damaged is now a beacon of Gurian culture. Adhering to the principles of inclusivity, this newly-revived building is also disability-friendly.

Launched with grandeur in September 2018 after intensive work which began in October 2016, the Centre promises to be a pivotal point in the promotion of folk-tourism.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of world music, an enthusiast of cultural heritage, or simply an inquisitive soul, the Ozurgeti Folklore Centre promises a journey through the very notes that define Georgian spirit. And what’s more? Western Georgian ensembles now have a local hub, bidding adieu to the long trips to Tbilisi for recordings. Music, after all, sounds sweeter closer to home.

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