Orkari Canyon

Tucked away in the heart of the Guria Region, Orkari Canyon beckons the adventurous soul. If the sound of gravel underfoot and the whispers of wild beckon you, then set your compass towards Moedani village in the Lanchkhuti district.

The Road Less Traveled: Starting your journey might feel a tad dramatic as the road narrows, going from smoothly paved to a tantalizingly uneven trail. The wilder it gets, the closer you are! And if you're wondering about the best time for this escapade, summer is your golden ticket. Not only is it splendid weather-wise, but as you near the canyon, nature rewards you with a cool embrace.

Two Doors to Adventure: Stretching for about a kilometer (0.62 miles), this canyon does a little 'ta-da' around the 700-meter (0.43 miles) mark and splits into two – giving it the name Orkari, translating to "two doors" in Georgian.

Right Route: The path to the right isn't for the faint-hearted. Geared for the professionals, this route demands not only climbing expertise but also special equipment. Brace yourself for some aquatic adventures as parts of the route might require you to wade through waters!

Left Route: If you're more into soaking in the views without the adrenaline overload, the left route is your best friend. Gentle on the novice, this path ends in a grand spectacle: a mesmerizing waterfall, framed with a meticulously crafted staircase.

The Little Details: Situated on the bank of the river Supsa in the Chochkhati community, Orkari Canyon lies 28 km (around 17.4 miles) from Lanchkhuti Municipality. For those relying on the railway, Supsa is your nearest stop, just 7 km (roughly 4.3 miles) away, and for the ones with kids in tow, Shromisubani, 7 km (approximately 4.3 miles) off, houses the closest school.

This gem, though teeming with tales, remains a secret, often even to Guria's residents. If your heart races at the thought of untrodden trails, Orkari Canyon is waiting. Ready for the game of hide and seek?

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