Jikheti Convent

Amidst the picturesque landscapes of Guria Region, embark on a journey to the mesmerizing Jikheti Nunnery. Located 6 km (3.7 miles) from Lanchkhuti Town, atop the tranquil Nigoiti Mountain, this hidden gem exudes a serene ambiance and captivating allure. The nunnery and convent, intertwined seamlessly, stand as a haven of spiritual devotion. Gracing the landscape are two charming churches, a graceful bell tower, an inviting chapel, and encircling walls, while a natural spring (spring) flows, whispering tales of centuries gone by. Within its sacred confines, dedicated nuns reside, cherishing a miraculous icon of the Mother of God.

The origins of Jikheti Convent are steeped in both legend and history, a tale cherished through generations. The foundation of the complex, born from the plight of nuns on Jikheti Mountain, longing for water, was guided by three pigeons' flight. Their journey led to the creation of this serene sanctuary.

Historical records unveil the construction of the central edifice, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, during Queen Tamar's reign in the 12th century CE. However, the passage of time left only ruins by the 19th century. In 1896, Ilarion Menabde of Ozurgeti Town breathed life anew into the nunnery, crafting its heart.

Through the years, Jikheti Convent evolved into an architectural marvel, rich with spiritual significance. The late 20th century witnessed the addition of a bell tower and St. George’s Basilica to the central cathedral in 1987-88. Further expansions gave rise to the Church of the Assumption of St. John the Baptist in 2002 and the Church of the Holy Apostles in 2011, adorned with vibrant stones sourced from diverse regions of Georgia.

Beneath the sky, the "spring of Jordan" flows gracefully, known for its miraculous properties. Every December 4th, "Jikhetoba" echoes through the convent and nunnery, commemorating the Holy Virgin Mary's arrival with a special service.

Nestled on Nigoiti Mountain's slopes, Jikheti Nunnery stand as testaments to faith and resilience. Built in the 19th century atop a medieval foundation, the primary Church of the Virgin was established in 1896. Within these sacred walls reside cherished treasures, housing an exquisite collection of rare frescoes, intricate icons, and ancient inscriptions. Notably, a grand cross adorned with glistening golden spheres graces the collection, bedecked with precious gems and intricate depictions of revered saints.

Today, Jikheti Convent continue their sacred legacy as vibrant havens, where 25 devoted abbesses call home. Whether seeking spiritual introspection, architectural wonders, or a tranquil escape amidst Georgia's lush landscapes, the journey to Jikheti Nunnery promises an enchanting voyage through time and devotion.

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