Goraberezhouli Park

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High above on a hill in the Chokhatauri municipality, Goraberezhouli (or Gora-Berezhouli) paints a serene silhouette against the backdrop of the ever-flowing Supsa River Valley. From this elevation, you can almost hear the whispers of history colliding with nature.

A Village with a Past: Think of Gora-Berezhouli village, and the imagery of young souls engrossed in the world of agriculture might come to your mind. After all, during the Soviet times, it was Georgia's agrarian hub, nurturing and molding young minds. But peel back the layers of time, and you'd find the village echoing the footsteps of Gurian nobility. Yes, they even had a palace!

A Forest of Time: Gora-Berezhouli's dendrological park was a Soviet masterpiece, erected right where the Eristavi estate once stood proud, already shaded by perennial trees. Walk amidst the trees and you'll be greeted by the wisdom of a 300-year-old oak. Other ancient whispers come from the likes of cade, giant sequoia, ginkgo-biloba, camphor tree, and even the oriental raisin tree. The beauty here isn't just in the age-old barks, but also the younger, vibrant camellias and conifers.

Where Tea Made History: Did you know Gora-Berezhouli has its own tea tale? Way back in 1840, right in the Eristavi estate, Georgia's primitive version of tea was born. This humble drink later dazzled at an agricultural exhibition in Saint Petersburg by 1864.

The Fortress of Secrets: The Eristavi family palace, a majestic structure, stands guarded by four formidable walls, each stretching 25 meters (82 feet) long and reaching a height of 5 meters (16.4 feet). These walls tell tales of strategy with their embrasures and ingeniously hidden chimneys. Legends have it that these walls were sculpted from cobblestones of the Supsa River. Inside, an open cellar bears testament to wine-making while the palace itself is a time capsule, preserving the nobility's treasures, waiting to unveil its stories post-restoration.

In the heart of Guria, Gora-Berezhouli Park isn't just a destination; it's an experience - where every leaf has a story, and every stone, a secret. Ready for an expedition through time?

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