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Guria, a region in western Georgia, boasts ancient history, captivating nature, vibrant culture, and thriving tea plantations. Located between mountains and the Black Sea coast, Guria has something for everyone.

Traces of human life in Guria date back to the Lower Paleolithic period. The region's rich history can be explored through its numerous historical landmarks. Guria's diverse landscapes, from coastal lowlands to mountainous areas, offer a perfect blend of sea and mountain air. The climate is ideal for resorts and outdoor activities, as well as tea cultivation.

Guria's unique culture is characterized by its customs, traditions, and folklore. The region is home to several public and religious holidays, such as Feritsvaleba, which celebrates the transfiguration of nature with horse racing. Another popular tradition is the game of Lelo during the Easter holiday.

The region is renowned for its distinct polyphonic folk music, like Krimanchuli, and folk dances like Farcakuku and Kalmakhoba. Guria's cuisine offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, poultry, and local wines. Indulge in Gurian khachapuri (cheese-filled bread), beans with cornbread, and local wines. Gurian pie, a traditional pastry enjoyed during Christmas, is also a must-try. Don't forget to taste the famous Gurian tea, grown in the region's tea plantations.

Experience Guria's natural beauty, historical landmarks, vibrant culture, and tea plantations to create unforgettable memories.

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