Mirveti Waterfall

Georgia's lush Adjara region hides a gem twenty kilometers away from Batumi—the striking Mirveti Waterfall. Descending from a height of 20 meters (approximately 66 feet) from the cliffs surrounding the quaint Mirveti Village, this cascade is a vision of natural beauty that captivates visitors from around the globe.

To reach the waterfall, you will embark on a serene journey through a sun-dappled forest of Colchic boxwoods. This trail, offering a unique mix of sea and mountain air, enriches the experience of visiting the waterfall, amplifying the sense of peace and joy that comes with being immersed in nature. This harmonious blend of sea and mountain air is one of Ajara's distinctive features.

Mirveti Waterfall is not the only allure of the area. The village itself, located in the Khelvachauri municipality on the left bank of the Chorokhi river and perched 60 meters (approximately 197 feet) above sea level, is a sight to behold. With its lush green shores and the endangered Colchic boxwood alley—a listed entry in the Red Book—Mirveti Village is an epitome of Adjara's natural charm.

Beyond the village's captivating scenery, a 13th-century arched stone bridge stands as a testament to Georgia's rich history, providing a picturesque setting for leisurely strolls and picnics. Numerous café and restaurants around Mirveti serve traditional Ajarian foods and offer ecologically safe products, adding a culinary delight to your visit. For those seeking an added thrill, a boat tour on the river Chorokhi provides a unique perspective of this stunning location.

Entry to Mirveti Waterfall and its surrounding attractions is free of charge, making it an accessible option for visitors seeking an unforgettable blend of nature, history, and culture during their visit to Georgia.

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