Armenian Church Of Batumi

The Armenian Church of Batumi, majestically situated at 25 Gamsakhurdia Street, is a testament to the rich history and enduring faith that permeates the city of Batumi, located in the Adjara region. Built in 1885, this domed brick edifice is not merely a structure; it is a symbol of the spirit of resilience, devotion, and architectural grandeur.

Initially, in 1873, the first Armenian-Gregorian church was a humble wooden structure. However, twelve years later, the wooden church was torn down, giving way to a more robust, aesthetically pleasing building, designed by the Austrian architect Malfred. Thanks to the generous donations of the parish, a domed brick edifice rose from the foundations, complete with a bell tower gate on the western side.

Adorned with pilasters and arcades, the church's facades exude an air of grandeur. The bell tower boasts eight arches, creating an open arbour. Arched entrances and windows punctuate the building, while several round windows offer an interesting architectural nuance. Certain elements, such as the dome, the arbour of the bell tower, and a few facade flats, are painted in a striking white, providing a contrast to the building's overall brick exterior.

However, the Armenian Apostolic Church in Batumi was not immune to the shifts in history. During the Soviet rule in 1930, the church, like many other religious monuments, was repurposed. The sacred building was transformed into a planetarium, and the echoes of worship ceased within its walls. But in 1992, the planetarium relocated, and the church returned to its initial purpose, filling once again with the sounds of prayers and hymns.

Today, the Armenian Church of Batumi stands as a remarkable symbol of Georgia's longstanding religious tolerance. Its architectural splendour and profound historical significance make it a must-visit site for anyone interested in delving into the rich tapestry of Batumi's cultural and spiritual heritage.

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