Black Sea Jazz Festival

Diverse Genres And International Talent At Georgia's Premier Jazz Event
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Historical Context And Development

The Black Sea Jazz Festival, an annual event in Batumi, Georgia, has been a significant cultural attraction since its inception in 2007. Hosted along the picturesque Black Sea coast, this festival has evolved into one of Georgia's premier jazz events, alongside the Tbilisi Jazz Festival. Its founding marked a new era in the country's musical landscape, diversifying the cultural offerings of Batumi and Georgia at large.

Festival Features And Expansion

Initially focused on jazz, the festival has broadened its repertoire to include various genres such as rock, R&B, soul, disco, funk, and hip-hop, thus appealing to a wider audience. Notably, the event has featured both Georgian and international artists, showcasing names like George Clinton, Snoop Dogg, Lisa Stansfield, The Prodigy, and Robert Plant. This eclectic mix of performers underscores the festival's commitment to musical diversity and its status as a melting pot of different styles.

The 16th Edition Of The Festival

The 16th Black Sea Jazz Festival, held in 2023, marked a new chapter in the festival's history with the introduction of the venue "STAGE 17" at 34 Rustaveli St., Batumi. This change in location was a significant update, providing a fresh experience for attendees. The 2023 festival lineup boasted renowned acts such as Bedford Falls, SOUL TRAIN, Marcus Miller, and BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS. These performances, coupled with nightly jam sessions on Iveria Beach, created a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Festival Organization And Sponsorship

The festival's organization and management have been exemplary, with Eastern Promotions at the helm. The involvement of various sponsors and supporters, including TBC Concept, Visa, Mazda, and local cultural ministries, reflects the festival's significance in the region. Furthermore, the festival's partnership with "Stage 17" and "Iveria Beach," as well as the hosting by "Porto Franco" restaurant and "Private iz Batuma" cafe, demonstrates the collaborative spirit of the event.

Economic And Cultural Impact

The Black Sea Jazz Festival has not only been a platform for musical excellence but also a significant contributor to the local economy and culture. It attracts jazz enthusiasts from around the world, boosting tourism and local businesses in Batumi. The festival's role in enhancing the cultural fabric of Georgia is indisputable, as it brings together diverse musical talents and audiences in a celebration of art and culture.


In summary, the Black Sea Jazz Festival in Batumi is a testament to the thriving jazz scene in Georgia. Its evolution over the years, marked by an expansion in genres and a new venue, reflects its dynamic nature. The festival's ability to attract world-renowned artists and its significant impact on local culture and economy highlight its importance as a cultural landmark in the region.

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