Abudelauri Lakes Hike

Discover The Untouched Beauty Of Georgia's Alpine Lakes
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June — July
12 hours
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  • Traverse rugged trails in a 4x4WD to remote Khevsureti
  • Guided hikes to three uniquely colored lakes
  • Stunning views of Chaukhi Mountain, the Georgian Dolomites
  • Scenic picnic lunch amidst breathtaking Caucasus wilderness
  • Expertly guided with private tour customization options

Unveil the untouched allure of the Greater Caucasus with our exclusive Abudelauri Lakes day tour. This private expedition, tailored for adventure enthusiasts, promises a journey through rugged trails and pristine landscapes. Imagine traversing the remote corners of Khevsureti, where the melody of nature speaks louder than the hubbub of everyday life. Your quest for tranquility and natural beauty ends here—discover a world bathed in the hues of three mystical lakes, each telling a different story.



Your adventure begins with an early morning pick-up from your hotel in Tbilisi, initiating your private tour through the stunning landscapes of Georgia. From there, you'll travel north past the Zhinvali reservoir. Turning onto a less-traveled path to Magaroskari, the thrill of an off-road journey in a 4x4WD awaits. The drive to Roshka, one of Georgia’s loftiest settlements, marks the start of a remarkable day tour.

By noon, you’ll set foot in Roshka and begin your ascent to the Abudelauri Lakes, nestled at the foot of the imposing Mount Chaukhi. Starting from an elevation of 2200 meters (about 7220 feet), each step takes you deeper into the alpine wonderland that hosts the lakes. The trio of lakes — Green, Blue, and White — mirror the sky and the lush landscape, each reflecting a unique shade due to their glacial origins. The Green and Blue Lakes lie close to each other, harmoniously blending into the scenery, while the White Lake, a bit further afield, offers a more secluded experience.

It’s important to note that the best time to visit the Abudelauri Lakes is between June and July. The lakes are covered with snow until the middle of May, and by August, the water levels significantly decrease and may almost dry up, making early summer the ideal period to experience their full splendor.

En route to the lakes, we'll stop at a picturesque spot for a picnic lunch, allowing you to enjoy local delicacies surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Caucasus Mountains. This moment provides an excellent opportunity for a unique travel experience in Georgia.

After soaking in the serenity of the lakes and the surrounding peaks, your return trek will lead back to Roshka. The drive back to Tbilisi is just as scenic, with stops for dinner in a local restaurant, allowing you to savor traditional Georgian cuisine amidst the wilderness. The total hiking distance is about 6-8 km one way (approximately 3.7-5 miles), and the drive covers 220 km (about 136 miles) round trip. You will be dropped off at your hotel or any other convenient location for you in Tbilisi, concluding your trip with memories filled with exclusive experiences and majestic views around 9 to 10 PM.

This day tour in Georgia offers an exquisite blend of thrilling off-road adventures and tranquil moments by the lakeside, providing a perfect mix of exhilaration and relaxation in the heart of the Greater Caucasus. Join us to discover the untouched beauty of Georgia through this memorable travel opportunity.


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