Tbilisi Sea Club

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Georgia's capital city, the Tbilisi Sea Club represents a dynamic fusion of adventure and leisure. Located on the northeastern fringe of the city, the club is nestled along the shore of Tbilisi Sea, an artificial reservoir that has metamorphosed into a favored summer retreat for both locals and tourists.

The Tbilisi Sea Club, with its expansive recreational amenities, offers an ideal refuge from the blistering summer heat. It houses two large swimming pools, measuring approximately in both metric and imperial systems, along with two yachts and two cutters that invigorate the waterscape. For the young adventurers, a small pool complemented by a playful slide ensures a delightful splash.

The club isn't just about aquatic pursuits. Landlubbers can bask in the sun, relax in the thoughtfully arranged bungalows, or engage in lively games in the children's playgrounds. For those yearning for an adrenaline rush, activities like water skiing, diving, and parasailing are at your disposal. The club even offers training sessions in sailing, water skiing, and swimming for those eager to acquire new skills.

To replenish the spent energy, the Tbilisi Sea Club's café and restaurant serve up tantalizing cuisine and refreshing beverages, making it easy for guests to spend an entire day relishing the club's offerings.

Beyond being a haven for leisure and sports, the Tbilisi Sea Club is also a sought-after venue for special occasions. From weddings and birthdays to conferences, the club provides an inviting setting, modern facilities, and meticulously planned entertainment programs. With a restaurant capable of hosting 1000 guests and the option of spectacular fireworks, the club promises to make any event memorable.

Open from late May until late September, the Tbilisi Sea Club extends the quintessential summer experience within city limits. It's the perfect spot for active sports, relaxation, and enjoyment of a beautiful, well-equipped beach, presenting a welcome respite amidst your busy schedule.

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