Gino Paradise Aqua Park

Immerse yourself in a world of aquatic fun and relaxation at Gino Paradise, Tbilisi's largest aqua park, situated on Beshenova Street, near the captivating Tbilisi Sea. Known as one of the most frequented spots in the city, Gino Paradise offers a spectacular haven for those with tight schedules who seek an invigorating escape without leaving the city's boundaries.

This sprawling aquatic wonderland is home to a diverse range of facilities designed for every age group. Inside the park, you'll discover a meticulously arranged and vibrant environment comprising a sports and recreation complex, nine swimming pools, extreme water attractions, and a VIP area replete with wellness and spa lounges, a private garden, and a fitness room.

Test your adrenaline threshold on over 500 water attractions, including the highest slide in Europe, towering at 31 meters (approximately 102 feet). Each of the six slides offers a unique twist, promising an exhilarating ride. For younger visitors, the park provides smaller slides for safe and entertaining play.

Gino Paradise isn't just about splashes and slides. It offers a wide array of leisure activities including "Tanzania," an extreme obstacle challenge, a sand volleyball court, and a tranquil lake for fishing enthusiasts to catch their own trout. The fish are prepared right on the spot, offering a unique dining experience.

Offering respite from the thrilling rides, Gino Paradise boasts 17 different types of saunas and spa zones, perfect for those seeking to alleviate stress. For those looking to work up a sweat outside of the sauna, a state-of-the-art fitness center is available. Here, patrons can also access the swimming academy, offering swimming lessons from champion swimmers and aqua aerobics sessions.

For the convenience of its visitors, Gino Paradise hosts 12 food courts serving a variety of delectable dishes, a hotel for longer stays, and a well-equipped beach with sunbeds, showers, and changing facilities on the Tbilisi Sea.

As the first grand aqua park in Eastern Europe, Gino Paradise has become a benchmark for quality, comfort, and hospitality, evolving each year to include new pools, bars, and restaurants. Regardless of the season, Gino Paradise promises a sunny summer mood for both adults and children alike, making every visit an unforgettable experience.

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