Baia Gallery

Perplexing as it may be, the tale of Baia Gallery is one of resilience and dedication, an institution that has thrived amid periods of intense turmoil. Located on Shardeni Street, Tbilisi's cultural hotspot, Baia Gallery has survived and prospered through times of war, crisis, and cultural upheaval.

Founded in 1992 as the Orient, the gallery was renamed in 2000 after its visionary art expert founder, Baia Tsikoridze. Standing today as Tbilisi’s oldest operating private gallery, it bears the emblem of cultural resistance and artistic perseverance, having hosted over 300 exhibitions.

The gallery unfolds across two stories, showcasing an extraordinary range of art. Spanning traditional and contemporary Georgian pieces, the collection offers a panorama of themes and styles. From urban landscapes and primitivist canvases to Pop Art posters and eastern motifs, it reveals the nation's past while also demonstrating the vibrant creativity of its present.

Baia Gallery's bustle goes beyond the curation of exhibitions. It serves as a conduit for artistic presentations, auctions, and publishing projects, demonstrating the multiplicity of its role in the Georgian art scene. Moreover, it prides itself on its research, boasting a database of over 5,000 images and archival documents on Georgian art, and holding a strong reputation as a trusted art advisor.

In addition to its main site on Shardeni Street, the gallery also operates two other locations in Tbilisi. Baia Gallery, Mtatsminda, and Baia Gallery, Vake, each focus on different artistic periods, thus offering art aficionados an extensive tour through Georgia's rich art history.

The birth of Baia Gallery is a testament to human determination. Amid post-Soviet Georgia’s political cataclysms and financial collapse, Tsikoridze and her co-founders braved inhospitable conditions to establish a beacon of artistic resilience. Against the backdrop of national despair, they created a space for hope, endurance, and cultural expression.

In terms of physical space, the gallery’s area is modest, spanning roughly 710 square feet (66 square meters). However, its influence extends far beyond its physical boundaries, impacting countless lives and shaping the landscape of Georgian art.

The story of Baia Gallery is more than just a tale of an art space; it is a chronicle of survival and hope amidst a period of historical upheaval. It stands as an embodiment of the enduring power of art, and a testament to the unyielding spirit of Georgian culture. More than thirty years since its foundation, it remains a vibrant cultural nucleus, inviting everyone to explore, learn, and immerse themselves in the ever-evolving world of art—all for free.

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