Bateti Lake

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Situated at an altitude of 1313 meters (4,308 feet) in the Dzami gorge of the Kareli municipality within the Shida Kartli region, Bateti Lake stands out among the multitude of lakes in Georgia due to its popularity and accessibility. For those seeking a brief retreat to nature, perhaps a one-day hiking trip, a lakeside picnic, or a moment of repose amidst verdant surroundings, this destination fulfills such desires effortlessly. Its beauty is apparent, with the valley and the lake itself presenting a scene that’s uncommon—a body of water enshrouded in lush greenery, easily reached and ready to be explored.

Visitors flock to Bateti Lake across seasons, enjoying the burgeoning life of spring, the heat of summer, and the riot of colors come autumn. While a single day suffices for a trip, the option for an extended two-day stay is available, complete with a camping site by the lake. Water can be sourced either from the river or a spring near a monastery.

Originating from a landslide, Bateti Lake is encircled by hills, cloaked in mixed forest, creating a scenery devoid of expansive shores. Within its waters resides the ommatotriton ophryticus, a rare species noted in the Red Book, further adding to the lake’s unique ecosystem. A stream gently flows from the lake, while its southern part boasts a swampy area, thriving with plant life and offering picturesque views. Seasons change the lake’s character; while winter sees it frozen over, late spring to early autumn presents it in its full glory. Autumn, especially in sunny weather, transforms the surrounding forest into a canvas of red and yellow hues. However, visitors are advised against swimming or fishing; the former is hindered by the swampy, treacherous shores, and the latter is made pointless by the absence of fish.

In addition to the lake, Dzami gorge, a verdant valley, invites exploration with its historical monuments ranging from monasteries to castle-towers.

For those intent on visiting, the journey to Dzami gorge spans 23 kilometers (14.3 miles) from Kareli. The final leg of the trip involves a 3-kilometer (1.9-mile) hike, preceded by a dirt road journey, manageable by any vehicle type, though the last stretch is best tackled with an off-road vehicle. The forest road leading to the lake is navigable by car, especially with a 4x4 and a skilled driver, though rainy weather may render the path muddy and challenging.

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