Tavkvetula Church

Immerse yourself in the history and spiritual significance of the Tavkvetula Cave Church, a hidden gem of southwestern Georgia. Nestled in the rocky landscape near the famed Vardzia Monastery Complex, this awe-inspiring 8th-9th century sanctuary is chiseled into a towering cliff face along the right bank of the Mtkvari River, between the picturesque villages of Mirshkani and Vardzia.

From the outside, the church may appear to be an unassuming extension of the sheer rock face. But traverse the river and ascend the steep slope at its base, then squeeze through a narrow passage and scale a vertical staircase, and you'll encounter a sanctum shrouded in the profound mysticism of ages past.

Every year on September 11th, Tavkvetula Church becomes the spiritual epicenter for believers from across Georgia, commemorating the day of the Beheading of John the Baptist. There's an age-old tale that the normally fast-flowing and deep Mtkvari River miraculously shallows on this specific date, paving a dry path for the faithful to reach the church on foot. Today, you can cross the river easily by a bridge any time of year, which also heralded the revival of monastic life at Tavkvetula.

Although it's now more accessible, the church retains its mysterious allure, drawing in hundreds of pilgrims and curious tourists alike.

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