Sulda Wetlands Managed Reserve

Do you ever dream of hiking through verdant wetlands, a symphony of bird songs in the air, with the freedom to stop for a spontaneous horse ride or fishing escapade? That dream can become a reality at the Sulda Wetlands Managed Reserve! Nestled near the villages of Bozali and Sulda in Georgia's Akhalkalaki Municipality, this protected oasis boasts a unique marsh wetland perched 2000 meters (around 6562 feet) above sea level. Talk about a high-altitude haven!

The Sulda Reserve forms part of the extensive Javakheti Protected Areas network, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Javakheti National Park and a quartet of other protected reserves. This ensemble of conservation zones has caught the eye of Ramsar List authorities, placing Sulda as a potential candidate for future inclusion.

Are you keen on a good hike? The reserve features a 5-kilometer (approximately 3 miles) trail that meanders through breathtaking wetlands. The journey starts at the Javakheti Protected Areas administration building and winds its way toward Georgia’s border with Turkey. Along the way, it passes through the charming Miasnikiani Village, culminating in the idyllic Sulda Wetlands. And the best part? You can retrace your steps and relive the scenic views on your way back!

But Sulda isn't just for hiking enthusiasts. If you're a fan of birdwatching, you're in for a treat! The reserve serves as a sanctuary for a variety of waterbirds, particularly during the bustling spring and autumn migrations. You could spot Dalmatian pelicans, great white pelicans, white and black storks, great white egrets, dabbling ducks, corncrakes, Eurasian coots, numerous heron species, and several varieties of gulls and sparrows. Be sure to pack your binoculars!

After a day of exploration, you can relax with some horseback riding or fishing in the reserve dam. As the sun sets, make your way to the nearby Sulda Village, where family-run home-stays await. Embrace the famed Meskhetian hospitality and savor a well-earned rest in this picturesque highland village.

In short, the Sulda Wetlands Managed Reserve promises an enchanting blend of wildlife encounters, outdoor activities, and warm Georgian hospitality, all set against the backdrop of a high-altitude marshland. It's a nature lover's paradise just waiting to be discovered!

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