Paravani Lake

Located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, the majestic Paravani Lake, spanning 9.34 km (5.80 mi) by 5.43 km (3.37 mi), commands the title of the largest lake in Georgia by water surface area. Sitting 2,073 meters (or approximately 6,801 feet) above sea level, it paints a mesmerizing picture, its icy blanket transforming it into a white desert throughout winter. The ice cover can reach up to 50 to 70 cm (or 19 to 27 inches), adding a surreal beauty to the landscape.

When the ice melts away, summer introduces the camping season. The lake's surroundings provide plenty of excellent camping spots, perfect for those seeking a serene getaway in nature. For fishing enthusiasts, Paravani Lake becomes a veritable paradise, teeming with a variety of fish species including nipple-lip scraper (Capoeta sieboldii), salmon (Salmo faria Linne), rutilus, common carp (Cyprinus carpio), and vendace (Coregonus albula).

As the lake thaws in April, anglers set out to enjoy a fishing season that extends right until December when the lake reverts to its frozen state. This vast aquatic wonder, despite its impressive surface area, has a maximum depth of only 3.3 meters (roughly 11 feet). The lake water's color shifts with the weather, adding a dynamic element to the scenic vistas.

Embracing the southern part of the lake, the Paravani River springs forth, eventually merging with the Mtkvari River. The lake is circumscribed by six villages - Paravani, Aspara, Vladimirovka, Tambovka, Akhali Khulgumo, and Poka - each with its unique charm.

A volcanic lake nestled between the Abul-Samsari and Javakheti Ranges in the Javakheti Plateau, Paravani Lake not only offers scenic beauty and outdoor activities but also holds a captivating mystery. Spectral analyses suggest that the lake conceals an object of ancient origins, potentially dating back to the Bronze Age, deep in its watery depths.

Paravani Lake, with its fishing allure, camping prospects, shifting seasonal landscapes, and intriguing hidden secret, provides an enchanting destination for both adventurers and researchers. Its untouched beauty and allure of mystery beckon visitors to dive into its charm and uncover its hidden tales.

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