Lake Kartsakhi

Unveil the beauty of Lake Kartsakhi, a stunning spectacle perched high in the Akhalkalaki municipality of southern Georgia, elevated at 1,799 meters (5,902 feet) above sea level. This captivating body of water, stretching 8.61 km (5.35 mi) by 5.61 km (3.48 mi), never fails to enchant its visitors.

This dual-nation gem, Lake Kartsakhi, is split into two distinct parts. The Georgian side, also known as Khozaphini, pairs with its Turkish counterpart, known as Agdashi, or 'white stones.' This term mirrors the stark white sediment covering the stones around its rocky shores, a testament to the lake's high salinity levels.

Nestled within the Javakheti National Park's protective embrace, this endorheic lake with its volcanic origin basin spans 158 square meters (1,700 square feet) and plumbs a depth of just one meter (3.3 feet). A seasonal spectacle, the lake's surface transforms into a glittering ice sheet from December to mid-March.

Yet, Lake Kartsakhi is not merely an aesthetically pleasing marvel, it's a buzzing hive of biodiversity. Over 140 species of birds have found a haven here, with 80-85 species being indigenous to the Javakheti region. From Dalmatian pelicans to white storks, a dedicated observation tower enables you to admire these avian treasures throughout the year.

Anglers can cast their hooks into the lake's waters from May to October, with the lake strictly allowing hook-fishing only. A successful catch may yield vendace, common carp, or even crab.

Also known as Lake Khozapini or Lake Aktaş, Lake Kartsakhi is a soda lake that graces the Caucasus Mountains. It shares its sovereignty between Georgia (53%) and Turkey (47%), making it the second-largest lake in Georgia, covering an area of 26.3 or 26.6 square kilometers (10.1 or 10.3 square miles). Nourished by numerous creeks, its surplus water during the rainy season drains into the Kura (Mtkvari) River.

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