Kartsakhi Managed Reserve

Dive into a world of pristine beauty and ecological diversity at the Kartsakhi Managed Reserve. Established in 2011, this sanctuary covers 158 hectares (390 acres) within the Javakheti Protected Areas, nurturing an array of rare birds and plant species. Its eponymous lake and the reserve are a scenic, short drive from the village of Kartsakhi.

Javakheti, the unique region that the reserve calls home, distinguishes itself from the rest of Georgia. Known for being the coldest inhabited place in the country, it also holds the title for the most lakes – both large and small. These bodies of water, including the transboundary Kartsakhi Lake that straddles the Georgian-Turkish border, contribute to a rich and varied avian world. Over 140 species have been spotted gracing the skies and waters of Javakheti.

Winter brings a frosty spectacle to the Kartsakhi Lake, as its surface freezes over. The surrounding landscape, blanketed in a fresh white layer of snow, only amplifies its breathtaking allure. The region's subalpine forests and artificially created pine groves (Pinus kochiana) provide rare splashes of green, being the only trees that brave this harsh environment.

With over sixty species of birds finding refuge within the Kartsakhi Managed Reserve, the sight of colonies of Dalmatian pelicans (Pelecanus crispus) during spring and summer is truly awe-inspiring. Thanks to dedicated observation towers, bird watchers can observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

As part of the broader Javakheti Protected Areas, which includes the Javakheti National Park, Khanchali Managed Reserve, Sulda Managed Reserve, Bugdasheni Managed Reserve, and Madatapa Managed Reserve, the Kartsakhi Managed Reserve (Georgian: კარწახის ჭაობის აღკვეთილი) works in unison to safeguard Georgia's rich biodiversity, particularly around Lake Kartsakhi.

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