Gorelovka Russian-Dukhobor Orphanage

Tucked away in the heart of Ninotsminda Municipality lies the charming Gorelovka, a vibrant village-museum filled with colorful tales and enduring traditions. Despite Georgia's harsh climate and prolonged winters, the village's spirit remains unbroken, a testament to the resilience and vitality of its inhabitants.

At the heart of Gorelovka is the Rus-Dukhobor Orphanage. Established in 1847 by Luceria Kalmikova, a leader of the Dukhobor movement, this enduring structure has stood the test of time. A melange of different buildings, the orphanage complex showcases the cultural life of Russian Dukhobors and serves as their spiritual center and place of worship.

An average day at the Orphanage-Museum stretches from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. During these hours, you'll witness the intricate tapestry of Dukhobor history, culture, and faith.

As you stroll through Gorelovka, prepare to be enamored by the artistically decorated houses, their blue lace detailing, and hand-painted shutters mirroring the beauty of the village. The women, garbed in brightly embroidered attire, only enhance the charm of Gorelovka, as do the exquisite embroidered tablecloths adorning their homes.

Gorelovka's history is as vibrant as its present. Known as Budaghasheni until the 19th century, it was primarily an Armenian settlement until 1841. Then came a wave of migrants who followed a unique religious movement - the Dukhobors. They not only embraced their new home but also instilled their culture into the fabric of the village. They decorated their homes, renamed the village to Gorelovka, and planted mountain ash and birch trees reminiscent of their homeland.

Today, Gorelovka stands as a living testament to Dukhobor heritage. While the Dukhobor population has dwindled from 3,000 in 1978 to a smaller number today, their legacy continues to add life to the village. As you wander through the village, remember, each colored shutter, each embroidered cloth, each building is a page from a vibrant cultural story. Come, immerse yourself in the heritage and harmony of Gorelovka.

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