Zagari Pass

Cover image © Pavel Ageychenko

Nestled in the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region of Georgia, the Zagari Pass stands tall at an elevation of 2,620 meters (8,595 feet) above sea level. Accessible only during the warm embrace of the summer months, this pass serves as a direct and convenient connection between the Svaneti and Racha regions.

Situated east of Ushguli, the Zagari Pass unveils breathtaking vistas, making the journey a visual delight. Not far from the pass, you'll encounter the locality of Q’oruldashi and the charming village of Tsana, adding to the rich tapestry of your journey.

However, travelers should be aware that the Zagari Pass hibernates under a blanket of snow during winter, rendering the route impassable until late spring's thaw.

The Zagari Pass, therefore, is not just a route, but an experience – a journey that intertwines natural grandeur with practical travel, connecting two of Georgia's iconic regions.

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